burg fuerstenberg
Admission: none
Guided tour: none
Hotel: none
Café/Restaurant: none
Information: none
Souvenirs: none
The castle is a building site and cannot be visited

Location: on the left bank of the Rhine in Rheindiebach, ca 13 km from Bingen
Approach: parking lots in the Rheingoldstrasse in Rheindiebach, and a 10 minute walk through the vineyards. Then you stand in front of the barred ruin, read the sign "No entry", turn around and walk back to your car.

You could - if you didn´t care for prohibitions - climb a steep and slippery slate slope and enter the site.
There you´d find - as announced on the sign - a building site, which would immediately kill every possible romantic thought of roaming the ruin all alone.
Concrete mixer, empty beer crates, various tools, aggregators, scaffol- dings and yellow, green and red-white striped canvas covers don´t work well as an atmospheric background.
The only kick would possibly be the fact that you do something forbidden; the whole town is watching and, especially as being a girl, it´s a good thing knowing you have a knife with you.



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burg fuerstenberg

burg fuerstenberg
Ok, that may sound promising, but you can have all that at home on a Sunday afternoon at the building site of an art noveau house being turned into freehold flats.
Could save you some gas.

Résumé: Whoever wants to incidentally take a walk through the vineyards in Rheindiebach (there no reason why not, the area is beautiful) can walk by the ruin.
Whoever sees no harm to his reputation or model character to do some- thing forbidden, and doesn´t want to do that at home, can just climb up and down.
But please, I can think of a whole lot of things which are naughty as well, but far more satisfying.

History: Burg Fürstenberg was built in 1219 by the archbishop of Köln, Engelbert I and came to the palatine Electorate at the beginning of the 15th century.
It served as a custom castle for a while and was destroyed in the Palatine War of Succession in 1689.
As the castle was never rebuilt since, the remaining relics give quite a gen- uine impression of its appearance in the middle ages.

Links: http://www.rheinreise.de/Rheindiebach.html

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burg fuerstenberg