burg gutenfels
Admission: none
Guided tour: none
Hotel: yes
Café/Restaurant: only for guests of the hotel
Information: none
Souvenirs: none

Location: on the right bank of the Rhine in Kaub, ca 20 km from Rüdes- heim
Approach: you park in a side valley and walk up to the castle on a private road for about 12 minutes. Only guests of the hotel are allowed to drive up

At the castle gate is a bell next to a sign saying "entry only for guests of the hotel", so I tried ringing.
Asked by a female voice what I wanted I said I had been doing an internet site about the Rhine castles and had wanted to asked permission to take a few pictures of the castle from inside.
Her answer was almost scared. The boss wasn´t there and she was not allowed to let anybody in. Who was she? One of the seven goat´s kids? Briefly I considered to eat the piece of chalk crumbling in my purse (for a very good reason I´m sure to remember soon).
The scientist in me has always wanted to know whether it would affect the pitch of the voice.
But what if I would have spit tiny white morsels for the rest of the day like a drunken sailor after a lost fistfight?
Besides, they were already on the internet.



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burg gutenfels

burg gutenfels
So I was left to speculate upon the grand inside of the castle and rely on the information from the internet.

Résumé: No no no no no go. If you want to spent the night at a Rhine castle and if you are willing to do so in blind confidence in the style and impression of the hotel ( but again: not completely blind. You can always check out the internet...) you may like Burg Gutenfels.

PS: I don´t want to do anyone injustice. Actually, the castle looks good and maybe it´s gorgeous from inside. This page deals exclusively with my personal impressions on a random day.

History: Burg Gutenfels was built at the beginning of the 13th century by the Lords von Falkenstein. Until the beginning of the 16th century it was called Burg Cube and was then renamed into Burg Gutenfels in 1504.
In the Thirty Years´ War between 1630 and 1647 it was conquered several times. In 1793 it was handed over without a fight to the French.
Napoleon gave order to dismantle the castle in 1806, allegedly because he hadn´t been greeted properly by gun-salut.
At the end of the 19th century Burg Gutenfels was rebuilt preserving the original substance and the ruin-character thereby as much as possible.

Links: http://www.rhinecastles.com/hotel-burg-gutenfels/

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burg gutenfels