Admission: none
Guided tour: none
Hotel: none
Café/Restaurant: none
Information: none
Souvenirs: none
The castle is private property and cannot be visited

Location: on the left bank of the Rhine in Niederheimbach, ca 11 km from Bingen
Approach: Parking lots in the small town of Niederheimbach, and a 5 min- ute walk on nice crooked and narrow alleys up to the castle

What can be said about the Heimburg?
It is private property and cannot be visited. Oh, I already had that one.
You can walk on by the area and if you stand on tiptoes you can catch a glimpse of the top of a tower. Or anyway.
You can take comfort in little scenes from Grimm´s fairy tales being dis- played by cute statues along the path. OK.
Then you turn around and walk back to the car. Big deal. Is it fair to buy a castle as a private person, to hide it and live there secretly?
On the other hand, is it a tragical loss to be missing one castle? If someone gave me a castle, would I want to have hordes of people stamping through my front garden?
Aren´t there more important questions than this?



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Résumé: No one besides obsessive statisticians, who need to check off EVERY castle will miss anything by accelerating and driving through Nie- derheimbach.
And even they won´t miss anything. Well, no, not really.

History: The Heimburg ( in former times called Hohneck) was built at the beginning of the 14th century to protect the town of Niederheimbach which belonged to the electorate of Mainz from the count palatine Ludwig "the severe" who possessed Bacharach to the north and Trechtingshausen to the south.
In 1344 Burg Reichenstein came into the possession of the electorate of Mainz, losing the Heimburg its strategical importance thereby.
During the Palatine War of Succession the French set fire to the castle in 1689.
The Ruin was - after being in the hand of many different owners - rebuilt at the end of the 19th century.

Links: http://www.niederheimbach.de/die_heimburg.htm

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