historic games
Admission: 7,00 € for one day
Guided tour: no guided tours around the festival. Regular tours weren´t held on these two days
Hotel: none
Café/Restaurant: the restaurants were open, but of course there was "contemporary food" available at numerous booths
Information: leaflet with the two days´ program and a short description of "who is where"
Souvenirs: in addition to the shop at the entrance of course quite a lot at the booths

Parking: chargeable special parking space on the meadow adjoining the fortress. A 5 minute walk from there. But there was a shuttle bus as well which periodically drove up to the fortress during the duration of the games

During these two festival days Festung Ehrenbreitstein took you on a jour- ney through the last 2400 years. Everyone who ever lived at the site of the fortress was there. Celts, Romans, knights and Prussians .
You started of with the Celtic camp in the main trench. Two gallic clans dis- played their everyday life, and their craft as well. Minting, bow-maker and wool spinning were just some of the things you were invited to take a close look at.
Next to the Celtics the Romans had put up their military camp. Roman le- gionaries were sitting in full armour behind their colourful shields, slightly exhausted by the heat. But that was just a short break; soon they got up as exercises with a display of the armoury and combat was shown, as well as forging and bone-carving.



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historic games

historic games
Three times a day the Prussians held a parade and cannonade at the pa- lace square with the magnificent view over the Rhine and the Moselle. Great show, especially in combination with this background.
In the retreat trench finally the middle ages took place. To the right a me- dieval market with food and drinks, jewelleries, leatherwork etc etc but craft as well like a hand made paper maker.
To the left was the knights´ camp. A lot of colourful tents, camp fires and people in armours and medieval garments. And in between jugglers, mu- sicians, tournaments and every now and again a stray Prussian.
When night fell everything was lit by torches and a concert and fireworks started at midnight

Résumé: Great! Even if Festung Ehrenbreitstein certainly is no authentical background for Celts, Romans and knights it is perfect for an event like that!
Thanks to the fortress´ spaciousness the different epochs were set apart and each was a scenery of its own. I didn´t tire of walking around as the fortress´ monumental size is outstanding (even without the festival). Time and again you discover something new; you sit down there for an theatre act, watch a show fight here and a juggler there and can´t make up your mind about what to buy as an souvenir.
But nevertheless, it were the small scenes, discovered by chance, that were most convincing. A tired knight sitting in the shade of his tent next to his armour, a little boy in garment playing with a dog by a camp fire, a man and a woman holding hands and disappearing into one of the tents...
A really wonderful, absolutely worthwhile event!
Absolutely recommendable



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historic games