burg liebenstein
Admission: none; the ascent of the keep is 50 p
Guided tour: none
Hotel: yes
Café/Restaurant: yes
Information: none
Souvenirs: an open booth fitted nicely in some wall ruins, attended by the restaurant personal if required

Location: on the right bank of the Rhine in Kamp-Bornhofen, ca 42 km from Rüdesheim
Approach: you drive up the hill and park close by the castle ( halfway between Burg Sterrenberg and Burg Liebenstein) then a light 3 minutes walk to both castles

Burg Liebenstein isn´t much of an adventure, either. The small path along the castle wall which leads through the original gate into an weed grown garden (but: "keep off building site"...) takes 3 minutes to walk there and back. Nevertheless you can climb the keep for a fee of 50 p, though that does mean that you can climb the keep.
Correct is, you can climb a small stair in the rock which leads you to the foot of the inaccessible keep.
After all, you´ve been busy for 4 minutes and you view is optimised by 5 meters...
The terrace of the restaurant is quite lovely, thickly overgrown with wild wine, the view spectacular. A very nice young girl attended to me kindly, which compensated for the fact that they don´t serve café latte.



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burg liebenstein

burg liebenstein
At my request whether they had any information about the castle the cook entered the picture. He easily could have come straight from the middle ages and for a short moment I was slightly afraid.
But he turned out to be quite charming, went to the souvenir booth and lent me a book about all the Rhine sagas which contained the one about Burg Sterrenberg and Liebenstein - the hostile brothers .
We chatted for a while about castles, his life, my hometown etc and so I enjoyed my coffee in a relaxed atmosphere.

Résumé: Surely worthwhile for a trip, to sit somewhere beautifully and eat and drink, particularly with the friendly staff. It doesn´t do for an exciting castle experience though.

History: Burg Liebenstein was built in the 13th century, either as a bastion against or a fore-castle for the adjoining Burg Sterrenberg.
It was sold to the knights Schenk von Stromberg and Ludwig von Sterren- berg in 1295 who henceforth called themselves von Liebenstein and used the Burg Liebenstein as a castle of joint heirs, until it became uninhabitable in the 16th century.
Nowadays the ruin is private property.

Links: http://www.castle-liebenstein.com/kamp-bornhofen-rhein/index.html

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burg liebenstein