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I hope you like some of the pictures. Most certainly not every picture is remarkably and just as certain it troubles me endlessly.
But I had just a rather short trip for every castle and so I had to consider each time on what to concentrate my energies. On "experiencing" or on "documenting". Probably I could have made better pictures if I had visited every castle solemnly with a "perfect-motive-tunnel-vision" , but then I would have had far less fun venturing on the experience.
(The solution to this dilemma of course is obvious: A sponsor is needed who supplies me with a super-high-tech-digicam and a considerable a- mount of notes and says: "Just take a few days/weeks to take pictures of all the castles at your own leisure!" Ideally heīd be interested in a docu- mentation on the castles at the Loire and "all the castles of great Britain", and so on, as well...)
Pictures were taken with a Canon Ixus V2, with the exception of Halloween at Festung Rheinfels. For that I borrowed the (cool!) Minolta Dimage 7.0. These pictures as well would have profited by a more "serious approach", instead of taking them free handed. But where would the creepy fun of EXPERIENCING be left then?
And finally there are simply castles at the wrong LOCATION. Narrow castle yards, sunlit from 8 to 10 in the morning. Sites, being cast in shadows by wine yards from noon onward. Wrong time, wrong place. But would I have had more fun if I had got up at half past six?



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making of
Numbers, facts, dates: This is not a history-page. Of course I tried to investigate conscientiously but all the same I ask you to excuse any poten- tial errors, inaccuracies or generalizations.
Information on entrance fees, opening times, duration and content of guid- ed tours etc are as of summer 2003.
If anything has changed in the meantime or any of my published facts are wrong Iīd be glad to receive a notice.

Webpage: This webpage haunted me for quite a while. Rarely were there so many drafts for one project ( and this ainīt the last resort...), but all these pictures (176) and all these words (18463). Where to put?
Too often you find that the truly cool pages are truly cool because some- one doesnīt have to say and show too much.
Briefly I considered to stage some perverted flash-mega-show, but, well, I wanted my mum and my dad to be able to visit this page as well. They donīt like flash.
Anyway, letīs take it as an beta-version and wait for the relaunch...

Psychotest: Just a joke. (Ainīt they all?) The idea popped into my head a while ago, and before I could dismiss it the scientist in me started asking how to best program, analyse and structure it. Boom.
Then I was being taught some javascript by nice Jens from the gurus, and now I know that as well...



                              carolinas castle collection

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