burg maus
Admission: 7,00 €
Guided tour: the castle can not be visited. Entrance fee is only for the eagle flight-show
Hotel: none
Café/Restaurant: right before the start of the flight-show the castle ta- vern is open
Information: about the flight-show
Souvenirs: Posters and eaglefeathers

Location: on the right bank of the Rhine in Wellmich, ca 32 km from Rü- desheim
Approach: You park in a small side valley at the foot of the hill and walk a nice path up to the castle through the wood. If you really hurry (i.e. be- cause you are about to be late AGAIN for the flight-show...) you will make it in 12 minutes. But it´s safer and more relaxing to plan for 20 minutes. It´s important to be on time because the flight-show only takes place twice a day at 11 and 14,30 o´clock (Sundays and holidays also at 16.30) and this isn´t really the best place to waste a few hours waiting...

Well, at my third attempt to see the show I was on time (thanks to the 12 minutes...). The castle itself isn´t a real treat (although it looks rather grand); only the small outer yard is accessible. There are tables and ben- ches to wait for the beginning of the show. The flight-show takes place on a small plateau right at the steep slope down to the Rhine and lasts for 50 minutes.
It´s a good idea to push to the kids in the first row because seeing a fully grown sea-eagle at close range is rather impressive. (better save being ladylike for home...)



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burg maus

burg maus
And then you sit in the warm summer sun for about an hour and watch sea- and stone eagles, falcons and a red Milan soaring majestically high above your head, catch tiny dead chicken in flight and spinning in front of the magnificent background of the castle and the Rhine valley.
The falconer does not show the routine of daily business (I like people do- ing things with passion and devotion). At the end you are allowed to caress a huge eagle owl and look into its wise eyes.

Résumé: If you stick to Hitchcock and don´t like birds, you can skip the trip. If you expect to see some "castle" on a castle trip do so as well.
But if you find it relaxing and a nice change to see these birds up close it will be worthwhile to visit this castle. To enjoy the time fully, good weather is rather important; after all you spent nearly one hour sitting at an exposed spot. I enjoyed the trip although the castle doesn´t pay for much

History: Burg Maus was built in the middle of the 14th century by the archbishop of Trier to protect his possessions on the right bank of the Rhine.
His successor Kuno von Falkenstein moved in a few years later. Around this time Burg Katz, which is visible from Burg Maus was founded by the counts of Katzenelnbogen. It was them, according to legend, who named the smaller castle of the bishop disdainfully "Maus".
Burg Maus was never destroyed but fell into ruins probably as late as the 18th century. In the middle of the 19th century it was bought by a private person and restored.

Links: http://www.burg-maus.de/

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burg maus