Admission: 4,00 €
Guided tour: none, but can be arranged after an advanced reservation
Hotel: an apartment and a suite can be rented in the commander´s tower
Café/Restaurant: yes
Information: a small brochure containing a brief summary of the castle´s history and a map of the castle and the interior with detailed description
Souvenirs: well-assorted shop at the entrance

Location: on the left bank of the Rhine in Trechtingshausen, ca 7 km from Bingen
Approach: parking space below the castle at the B9 and a 7 minute walk up a steep and stony path

Burg Rheinstein was the first of the ruins at the Rhine to become a "Prus- sian modernisation" in the 19th century.
So there isn´t a lot of the middle ages on display but rather how the royal Prussian prince Friedrich Ludwig wanted the middle ages to be displayed; the castle appears rather romantic than well-fortified.
But a little romanticism never hurts, and that is exactly what´s charming about this castle. You are free to roam nearly the whole area of the castle and the genuinely furnished rooms of the Prussian prince are accessible as well.
It´s rather relaxing to be able to have a close look at everything without the peer pressure of a guided tour. (Me, for example, I like to spend quite a lot of time in front of every knight´s armour...)



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The burgundy garden is lovely, the fountain court enchanting. It´s so peaceful here. You can discover everything in your own time, climb the narrow metal staircase to the keep, look down on the river flowing on way below and you ask yourself why the world has to be so exhausting....
The "chastisement-basket" mounted on top of the tower does not originate in the middle ages and was never used for this purpose. (It was a fire bas- ket for sending out signals). But it gives you a pleasantly creepy feeling to imagine to have to sit in there...
From the terrace of the restaurant you have a beautiful view of the castle and the Rhine, the waffles are quite tasty and you´re being served by the landlord, who is always glad to supply you with further information.

Résumé: Burg Rheinstein is marvellous.
A nice combination of "Rhine-romanticism" and castle trip. The landlord´s family do more than their due to make you feel comfortable and want to come back.
Absolutely recommendable

PS: Indeed, I was so enchanted by this castle that I became member of the "friends of the Burg Rheinstein society". If I can´t have a castle all to myself...
Now my member certificate is up on my wall and I´m being asked whether there aren´t more important things in the world to support. Yeah sure, that´s why I´m sustaining member of Greenpeace



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History: Burg Rheinstein was built in the 10th century and came into pos- session of the arch-bishopric of Mainz, which converted it into a citadel in the 11th and 12th century.
In the 13th century the Roman Emperor of the German nation, Rudolf von Habsburg stayed at Burg Rheinstein to sit in judgement upon the robber- knights of the Rhine, especially of Burg Reichenstein and Burg Sooneck.
From the 14th century on the castle was given as a feud by the arch-bish- ops of Mainz, but fell into decay at the end of the 15th century and was abandoned.
In 1823 the castle was acquired by the royal Prussian prince Friedrich Lud- wig, nephew of king Friedrich Wilhelm III.
Due to his ideas the first site of the Rhine romanticism was created. After his death, his son inherited the castle.
Until the middle of the 20th century members of the German higher nobility were owners of the castle. Since 1975 it is in the private possession of the Hecher family, who saved it from being bought by the Hare Krishna sect...

Links: http://www.burg-rheinstein.de/

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