Admission: none
Guided tour: none
Hotel: yes
Café/Restaurant: yes
Information: only about the hotel
Souvenirs: none

Location: on the left bank of the Rhine in Oberwesel, ca 22 km from Bingen
Approach: a steep serpentine road up the hill and sufficient parking space right in front of the castle

The castle is a hotel and not open for visitors. You can stroll through the castle yard and walk by the chapel but that´s it.
The so called "Hohe Mantel", the massive shield wall facing the hill (and the would-be enemy) is uniquely impressive. It´s hardly imaginable someone ever daring to attack there.
At my first visit I put the castle as a short-termed alternative in my pro- gram, because I was - once again- late for the planned eagle flight-show at Burg Maus.
As it happened there was a castle party on that Sunday. (Including a fire eater, magicians and three pretty ladies with strenuous medieval instru- ments. ).
The site itself is quite impressive, as it was rebuilt according to its original appearance in the middle ages.



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Due to the castle party you were allowed to climb the towers, walk the allure on the shield wall and stick your nose in every corner.
Unlike most of the Rhine castles, the Schönburg really gives still a genuine impression of the power and fortification of its defencive systems.
For photo-aesthetical reasons I could have done without beer tents and party-visitors, but, well, I guess that was the price for being allowed every- where.
During the rest of the year the castle does not invite you to discover any- thing, but a visit to the hotel Café compensates this lack of possibilities more than enough.
Small stylishly furnished rooms with a fire and soft easy chairs make you feel like being "at home with the knights" rather than in a restaurant. In the summer you sit in a beautiful portico.
The pretty waitresses wear neat dirndls and are very friendly. The coffee is served in china with a gold trimming and emblem, sugar is served in a sil- ver bowl and instead of a flavourless cookie there´s a small delicious éclair by the side of your cup.
No one ever gives you the feeling of just being a tousled excursionist spending a mere 2,50 €.

Résumé: Hard to tell. The castle party is fun and worth a visit as it gives you the opportunity to roam the castle more detailed than usually. (And besides, the Haxn are quite tasty...).
The hotel is great. If you want to spent a rather luxurious night at a castle you´re probably at the right address.



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The restaurant terrace offers a beautiful view through open arcades, at- mospheric tea- and smoking rooms, and the menu sounds delicious.

History: The Schönburg was built in the 12th century by the archbishop of Magdeburg.
During the 13th and 14th century it served as a castle of joint heirs to the Lords von Schönburg as a feud. In 1374 the castle came into possession of the archbishop of Trier.
In 1689 the Schönburg was destroyed during the Palatine War of Succes- sion.
At the end of the 19th century the American Rhinelander bought the castle and had it rebuilt.
In 1950 parts of the castle were converted into a youth castle, the south- ern part of the castle became a hotel in the 1980s.


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