Admission: none
Guided tour: none
Hotel: none
Café/Restaurant: yes
Information: a one-page summary of the castle´s history
Souvenirs: one or two small knights and canons displayed in the restau- rant

Location: on the right bank of the Rhine in Kamp-Bornhofen, ca 42 km from Rüdesheim
Approach: You drive up the hill and park close by the castle (halfway between Burg Sterrenberg and Burg Liebenstein) then a light 3 minutes walk to both castles

There isn´t much to experience at Burg Sterrenberg. You can walk round the keep on a well kept lawn, the rock in the inner yard features quite impressive remnants of an ancient chimney.
All things considered the castle gives a tidy and clean, pedantically well -kept impression, but allows you neither to feel like "roaming decayed ruins" nor to look at authentically restored surroundings. To put it esoter- ically: you can´t feel the vibes.
Impressing however is the mighty part of the outer curtain directed at Burg Liebenstein.
It gives a good impression how powerful the system of defences must have been, and if you step three or four times through the mighty gate you at least take back a little atmosphere...



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The terrace of the restaurant is located beautifully and the "Eulenhorst"(a small rest of an tower) which can be reached over small stair, lovely. The personal was all right.

Résumé: If you are around anyway or if you want to eat and drink in magnificent surroundings the visit won´t be a disappointment. Apart from that there is no compelling reason to go there.

PS: When I sat at my PC on the evening of my visit to the castle and went through the pictures from my digicam I discovered an orange-coloured mist on the wall in one of the pictures which had a rather peculiar shape. Like the ghost of a red giant-rat with a green eye, a delicate ear conch and an open snout.
No of course I did not fake it. That would probably have been a mere child´s game, but why should I? And if I did, I would not do it beneath the beheaded knight, the black hangman or the hell-hound. I do have high demands, after all...
Anyway, reason says its just a reflex of the light or something like that and I tend to agree. Just for fun I sent the picture to (a highly amusing site which I discovered by chance through some link or other).
Along with guaranteed authentic photos of all kinds of ghost they have a category in which users can present "their ghost-photos".
Frankly, though exercising all my imagination, with most of the "faces in the fire" I can never detect anything looking like a face in the slightest, and all the "mysterious fogs" seem to me like "smoking photographer is too busy to lay his fag aside..." (well, though, who smokes in the cathedral of Köln???)



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But at gespensterweb they are obviously of the short-sighted opinion that ghostly orange-coloured giant-rats do not exist; in any case I never made it to the gallery.

History: Burg Sterrenberg was firstly mentioned as an imperial castle in 1034. In 1195 it came as a feud to the Lords of Bolanden.
After their extinction in the 13th century the castle was owned by the counts of Katzenelnbogen untill the archbishop of Trier became owner after a long conflict.
In the 15th century the castle was already disintegrated and finally de- clared uninhabitable in 1568.
Until 1806 it stayed property of the Electorate of Trier, until 1866 Nassov- ian and eventually Prussian state property until 1945. Today it is in the possession of the land Rheinland-Pfalz.


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