You can´t make up your mind which castle to visit? Just take the test and you´ll see the light.

QUESTION 1: What was your dream job when you were a kid?
a) What good are dreams? In the end you´ll wind up in unemployment anyway
b) Doctor´s wife via stewardess
c) Teacher
d) Well, the usual: astronaut, cave explorer, heart surgeon, writer. And what do you mean by: "when you were a kid"?

QUESTION 2: Your dream car?
a) Van, bus, pickup. Something huge, powerful, you can drive to the do-it-yourself-mall with and go on vacation with four. A car that´s al- ways there for me
b) Something nice. Maybe an Alfa or a BMW convertible. But never in red. That doesn´t suit me
c) No way a Japanese. They´re all no good. And the Italian ones start falling to pieces still standing in the car-shop. Only German high-class- workmanship. On the other hand, my last Golf let me down as well
d) That depends. I go by the latest test reports

QUESTION 3: Imagine to be a man (even if you are a man...).
Who'd be your ideal woman?
a) Karen Blixen
b) Lara Croft
c) Some model
d) Maggie Thatcher



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QUESTION 4: Imagine to be a woman (even if you are a woman...). Who´d be your ideal man?
a) Some model
b) Al Bundy
c) David Letterman
d) Captain Jack Sparrow

QUESTION 5: If you were an animal, which one?
a) Mole                    
b) Dragon
c) Eagle owl
d) Persian cat

QUESTION 6: I use the Internet...
a) gather information. I know of a few webpages where you learn everything
b) chat. You always meat nice people and hear the latest insider tips
c) ...daily. Several times. If I´m not busy standing at the easel, for- mating my hard drive or assembling an Ikea-cupboard without a man- ual
d) ...rarely. You never know about all the viruses. And think about the excessive rates!

QUESTION 7: If you were king/queen of your country, what would you be doing first?
a) Engage a cook, a cupbearer and a cellarer. You can´t rule on an empty stomach
b) Engage bodyguards. Many. Nowadays sovereigns can´t find tran- quillity with all these mad assassins roaming about
c) Engage consultants with excessive expert knowledge. To represent I need an unhampered head
d) Engage a double, who can take over the boring tasks and respon- sibilities while I have fun being incognito



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QUESTION 8: What kind of wine do you prefer?
a) Red. Rich. Strong. A wine that embraces you saying: "Baby, I´m your friend!"
b) Adam´s wine. At least you don´t get a headache from that. But, who knows what they put in your water...
c) A light fruity rosé. My favourite one got a beautifully drawn label...
d) For years now I take my vacation in Tuscany. There´s a winery in the village, by Sergio, who makes a great wine. I always take some cases back home...

QUESTION 9: What do friends mean to you?
a) What are friends. If you need them they´re probably not there
b) A lot. If they´re true ones. Otherwise I´d rather not need anyone
c) Well, or two. But you always find nice acquaintances in adult education classes
d) I have a lot of friends I go out with. Dining and stuff

QUESTION 10: Your motto?
a) Knowledge is power
b) Carpe Diem
c) I did it for science
d) Don´t count your chicken before they´re hatched




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