"Updates" always tends to be a category on webpages where everything is stuffed onto which couldnīt fit anywhere else. Or the last update was done somewhere in the last century.

Iīd rather have named this one "potpouri" but there was no way it would fit in the menu-bar. And "dates" would have been ambiguous.

What Iīm trying to collect here are any events taking place at an castle at the Rhine in this year, hoping they turn out to be interesting.
Itīs a pity that there isnīt any good webpage displaying this. Rather stupid, actually. If I were Unesco- world heritage I would try harder to make an impressive statement.

And maybe I find out some other interesting stuff which could be placed here as well.

Iīd be glad to receive any informations or tips, just send me a mail.



                            carolinas castle collection


29.05.2004 - 31.05.2004 Whitsun
Medieval town party in Oberwesel - - pictures here - -

Festung Ehrenbreitstein - "A journey through the centuries"; historic games with Celts, Romans, knights and Prussians - - pictures here - -

Burg Sooneck - medieval castle party (unfortunately it rained)

Day of the open monument

31.10.2004 Halloween
Ghostnight at Festung Rheinfels (planned)



                              carolinas castle collection